1. Analyzis

The preparation is vital. We provide you with data and information about your new market. Market, potensial, competitors, prices, demography etc.

2. Start-up

Where to registry your company? How to apply for trademarks? What are the HR rules? What are the taxes? MR Group tell you.

3. Location sourcing

MR Group defines your requirements for location according to strategy. We screen and define the market to find the optimum location for your concept.

4. Project management

MR Group ensures effective, controlled progress during the set-up phase. We help to ensure that timescales and budgets are met.

5. Interim management

The start-up and setting-up phases require experienced management. Appointing a new manager requires a high level of investment and risk. MR Group can take on the management role until a new manager is in place. 

6. Implementation support

During implementation of the physical store coordination with suppliers, sub-suppliers, landlords and the authorities. The support we provide can help minimise personnel costs. 

7. Staffing

We found the perfect location for you but you need the franchisee, manager or other key roles. We synchronize the location and the staffing.